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Jeffrey A. Travis


Admitted to the California State Bar in 2005, Jeff brings our clients a wealth of litigation experience. There are few lawyers in Kern County who have better litigation skills. Known as a tough and zealous advocate for the interests of his clients, he is always prepared for trial and aggressively pursues his client’s goals. Other lawyers tend to settle their cases with Jeff because they know that, in the final analysis, he is a litigator who loves and is not afraid of the courtroom.

An active member of the Family Law Sections of both the California State Bar and the Kern County Bar Association, Jeff is on the Board of Directors of the Family Law Section of the Kern County Bar Association. As Chairman of the Kern County Standing Committee, Jeff reviews all family law legislation and represents Kern County at the meetings of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the California State Bar. This committee provides formal input to the California Legislature on all family law legislation.

Because of Jeff’s educational background and professional experience, he is a sought after speaker on a variety of legal topics and has taught legal courses at two different California universities. Jeff is particularly well known for his knowledge of discovery and production of documents in family law matters, and he has been asked to make presentations on these subjects by both local and statewide organizations.

What Our Clients Say:

  • “Jeff gets it done. If he is your lawyer, you will never feel underrepresented.”
  • “You have to love Jeff’s creativity, his aggressiveness, and his passion for what he does.”
  • “He has a confidence about him that makes his clients feel comfortable and makes judges and other attorneys take him seriously.”

What Ed Thomas Says: 

“I have seen Jeff in action. He is very good. Our clients are very fortunate to have someone with Jeff’s litigation experience and courtroom skills.”