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Britney A. Yoder


Britney joined the Firm’s team in April of 2010 and brought with her a background in child development.  Born in Bakersfield, California, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology And Social Behavior with an emphasis in child development from the University Of California, Irvine, in 2007.  After college, Britney worked as a Probation Officer where she specialized in rehabilitation of youthful offenders through a multifaceted program consisting of counseling, guidance, and athletic and vocational training. 


What Our Clients Say: 

  •  “If she told me she was going to do something, she did it.”
  • “During my divorce, she knew more about my finances than I did.”
  • “I loved my paralegal!  She was patient, compassionate, well trained, and really helped me through the process.”

What Ed Thomas Says: 

“Britney is one of our rising superstars.  She does a great job of communicating with clients and understands her cases as well as anyone in the office.  She simply gets it done.”