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Family Law Attorneys In Bakersfield CA | Lawyers

Family Law Attorneys In Bakersfield CA | Lawyers

About The Law Office Of Edward J. Thomas

No law firm in Central California has better credentials or is better equipped to solve your family law problems.  In its annual rankings of the “Best Law Firms” in the United States, U.S. News & World Report has repeatedly named the Law Office of Edward J. Thomas as one of California’s few “first tier” law firms and as the only “first tier” law firm in Bakersfield in any area of practice.  Out of the thousands of law firms in the Los Angeles area, only 15 family law firms received a “first tier” designation. 

Message From Firm Founder, Edward J. Thomas

Ninety-five percent of our clients’ cases settle because of our reputation for working harder, preparing more, and obtaining better results at trial than other lawyers.  If your case does not settle, we have an experienced, sophisticated, and powerful trial team that is willing, able, and fully prepared to go to court.

Every divorce, like every family, is unique.  You must have a divorce strategy that meets the individual needs of you and your family.  Let us help you with your family law problems.